The final week is here so sadly that means the end of the high school football season is also here. Like it has been for the last few years the final week is compromised of the Texas title  and Geico games. This week has two marquee matchups. One comes to us from Texas where North Shore and Duncanville meet in a rematch of last year’s title game. That was an all time classic and something many have been looking forward to since the Hail Mary was caught and the clock hit 0 in that one. The game lost a little bit of it’s shine last week with Duncanville QB Ja’Quinden Jackson going out with a knee injury. Freshman Chris Parson will start this week for the Panthers. While he looked good last week this is a tough spot to be making the first start of your career. If the Panthers can find a way to pull it out they may be looking at a national title in some polls. The other Texas title games should be great ones as well.

The other big game of the week is a matchup of undefeated teams from what has to be the further apart any two teams have been that played each other this year. St. Louis from Hawaii and St. Thomas Aquinas from Florida will meet in Las Vegas. Both teams are looking to cap off a dream season with their biggest win of the year. If one of them blows the other one out they could also be looking for a piece of the national title. The other Geico game pits Marietta and Eastside Catholic. Marietta is coming off a state title win over Lowndes last week. The Blue Devils have dropped a couple games this year but this win will likely put them in the Top 10 of some national polls. The Crusaders on the other hand won their title weeks ago and will be looking for their second Geico win in as many years.

If you have been following these picks all year we thank you. Jamie from PrepNation appears to be in good shape to win for the 2nd year in a row. The only one that can catch him is Josh from FlaHSFootball since the Geico games count as two wins. As always if you don’t agree with the picks let us know.

Games Of The WeekScott KayZack - MaxPrepsJeff - HSFBAmericaJosh - Fla HS Flootball
St. Thomas Aquinas vs St. LouisSt. LouisSt. LouisSt. Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas Aquinas
Eastside Catholic vs MariettaMariettaMariettaMariettaMarietta
Duncanville vs North ShoreNorth ShoreNorth ShoreDuncanvilleDucanville
Guyer vs WestlakeGuyerGuyerGuyerWestlake
Aledo vs Fort Bend MarshallAledoAledoAledoAledo
La Vega vs CarthageLa VegaCarthageCarthageCarthage
Ryan vs Shadow CreekRyanRyanRyanRyan
Pottsboro vs GrandviewGrandviewGrandviewPottsboroGrandview
Season Record104 - 70103 - 71106 - 68116 - 58
Last Week6 - 46 - 45 - 58 - 2
Games Of The WeekBrian - 247SportsDavid - Prep GridironJamie - Prep NationConsensus Picks
@BrianDohn247 @PrepGridiron@prepnation
St. Thomas Aquinas vs St. LouisSt. LouisSt. Thomas AquinasSt. LouisSt. Louis
Eastside Catholic vs MariettaEastside CatholicMariettaMariettaMarietta
Duncanville vs North ShoreNorth ShoreNorth ShoreNorth ShoreNorth Shore
Guyer vs WestlakeWestlakeGuyerGuyerGuyer
Aledo vs Fort Bend MarshallMarshallAledoAledoAledo
La Vega vs CarthageCarthageCarthageCarthageCarthage
Ryan vs Shadow CreekRyanRyanRyanRyan
Pottsboro vs GrandviewPottsboroGrandviewPottsboroGrandview
Season Record103 - 71112 - 62120 - 54117 - 57
Last Week5 - 56 - 47 - 35 - 5



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