It’s week 12 and the playoffs are finally here for almost all of the country. This week we have playoff matchups from first round games in Florida all the way up to a state title game in South Dakota. While there are no games involving nationally ranked teams, there are some fringe teams that could easily jump in next week with big wins.

The experts only agree on 4 games this week. Last week was the first week all year where we all looked like geniuses for picking the same team. We went a combined 37-3 last week so lets hope that keeps up but I highly doubt it. East, ST. Edward, Camas and Washington area ll hoping we stay on our hot streak I can assure you of that. There are two games where we disagreed with the other experts. In both of those games we went with the lower ranked team, in most state polls not necessarily seed. We went with the Jones because they are at home and Eureka because we think they have a chip on their shoulder. It is very likely you will see a few of this week’s winners in the picks next week as well. That is the beauty about this time of year.

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East vs Lone Peak East East East East
St. Edward vs Mentor St. Edward St. Edward St. Edward St. Edward
Pickerington North vs Centerville Pick North Centerville Pick North Centerville
Cardinal Gibbons at Jones Jones Cardinal Gibbons Cardinal Gibbons Cardinal Gibbons
Bolles at Trinity Christian Trinity Christian Trinity Christian Bolles Trinity Christian
Camas at Central Valley Camas Camas Camas Camas
Washington vs Roosevelt Washington Washington Washington Washington
Spring Valley at Conway Spring Valley Spring Valley Spring Valley Conway
Norman North at Broken Arrow Broken Arrow Norman North Norman North Broken Arrow
Eureka vs Christian Brothers Eureka Christian Brothers Christian Brothers Christian Brothers
Season Record 80-29 76-33 72-37 68-41

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