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Meet Albert Huggins: 2015 Defensive Lineman

Albert Huggins is ranked by Scout as the 7th-best defensive tackle in the class of 2015. The 4-star from Orangeburg, SC has many offers from top-notch programs: Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, South Carolina, and many more. I caught up with the 2015 prospect recently and got his take on a few topics.

Q: What can you tell me about Clemson and how your visit went?

Albert Huggins: “Me and the coaches have a real close relationship. I have been there the most of any school right now.”

Q: What other places have you gotten a chance to visit?

Huggins: “USC (South Carolina) and UNC”

Q: What stands out to you about South Carolina?

Huggins: “Pretty good school. Knowing that Jadeveon Clowney came from there, and getting to work with the coaches that coached him. I know I can be a star there.”

Q: What was your trip to North Carolina like?

Huggins: “It was very good. I learned a lot and got to sit down with Coach Fedora.”

Q: What factors do you consider most in a potential school?

Huggins: “First is education, also it comes down to location, the people you’re surrounded by, and the coaching staff.”

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced so far in the recruiting process?

Huggins: “A guy hit me up on Twitter and wanted an autograph. He wanted me to sign a card he had, so that was really cool.”

Q: What defensive scheme best fits your skill set?

Huggins: “4-3. I like to go get the ball. In the 3-4, the defensive lineman might sometimes take away an offensive lineman while the linebacker makes the play. I wanna go get the play. I will play whatever they need me at though.”

Q: Is staying in-state a big factor to you?

Huggins: “Location is big to me, but if the USC Trojans, for example, have a better coaching staff and a top-notch education, I’ll go there. You just have to go for yourself and check it out.”

Q: Do you have a short list at this point or is it still wide open?

Huggins: “It’s wide open. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can and enjoy the process.”