It was the calm before the storm this weekend in college football. There was only one meeting of Prep Force ranked teams. It was made a little more exciting by the video game extravaganza between West Virginia and Baylor. I doubt WVU can make it with such a porous defense but how fun would a title game against Oregon be. Next weekend is a one of the great college football Saturdays of the season. There are 3 top 10 matchups and 2 other games between ranked teams. That doesn’t even include the game in Chicago between the Catholics and the convicts which should give us a better read on how good Notre Dame is now that they are actually playing a team with athletes. Only 5 days left until the games and I can’t wait. Check out this weeks rankings.

1) Alabama 5-0
2) Oregon 5-0
3) LSU 5-0
4) Florida State 5-0
5) West Virginia 4-0
6) Georgia 5-0
7) South Carolina 5-0
8 ) Kansas State 4-0
9) Texas 4-0
10) Florida 4-0
11) Notre Dame 4-0
12) Clemson 4-1
13) Oregon State 3-0
14) Oklahoma 2-1
15) Ohio State 5-0
16) TCU 4-0
17) Louisville 5-0
18) Stanford 3-1
19) USC 3-1
20) Rutgers 4-0
21) UCLA 4-1
22) Mississippi State 4-0
23) Cincinnati 3-0
24) Nebraska 4-1
25) Washington 3-1

Dont agree with the rankings? Think your school should be ranked? Let us know about them in the comments section below!
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