Most of you probably saw Coach O get a premature Gatorade bath Saturday night in LSU’s game with Texas A&M. If he would’ve got mad at that it would’ve been understandable. He was too busy being robbed by SEC refs that the premature bath was the least of his worries.

Juxtapose that with how St. Thomas Aquinas (Overland Park, Kansas) coach Randy Dreiling reacted to being dumped on after actually winning a game. It wasn’t just another game it was the Kansas 5A state title game. On top of that it was the first state title for the school ever. On top of that the team had lost in the 2014 and last year’s state title game. It’s easy to see why the kids were excited. It’s not easy to see why the coach yells, pushes one player and tells another to stop filming. This may be the biggest overreaction to a Gatorade bath ever. Maybe the players knew this was a trigger point but under the circumstances not sure that should have mattered. It’s one thing to be a tough hard nosed coach. It’s another not to be able to enjoy the spoils of a long season. When asked about the bath by the Wichita Eagle in the post game interview Dreiling said “No, not a fan of the ice bath. No, nobody ever gives me ice baths. That was a bad deal,”.

Did the coach overreact? You can judge for yourself from the tweets below.

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