This week in the Prep Force Challenge we have two SEC schools battling it out. Current #1 ranked and legendary program Kentucky vs LSU which is more know for his football program but has put some decent talent in the NBA. This is a matchup where both schools have enough players to have a real bench which has been rare in the first round games. On paper the game looks like a mismatch but when you take a closer look you see its not that lopsided. Lets break it down by position and you decide who would win.

Point Guard – Rajon Rondo vs Garrett Temple
Rajon Rondo has become one of the best point guards in the league. If he ever learns to shoot then look out. Temple gets the spot here as he did play in the league last year although he is in Italy now.

Edge – Rondo

Shooting Guard – Brandon Knight vs Marcus Thornton
I have no idea what a coach would do at the shooting guard position for Kentucky. They are loaded with point guards who can’t shoot. I decided on Knight since he is the best shooter of the bunch, but I could see Wall providing more size to defend Thornton. I would’ve went with Bogans but he is too old to match up with Thornton. Thornton has come into his own since going to the Kings and is a scoring machine. He would have to come up big for LSU to win.

Edge – Thornton

Small Forward – Tayshaun Prince vs Brandon Bass
Prince has had a solid career putting up 13/5 for most of his career. He is also the best shooter Kentucky has to offer so he would be a hard guard for Bass on the perimeter. Bass is a power forward but based on height along would have to play the Small forward spot for this team. He would take Prince down to the block and use his low post game to score. Prince has enough length to bother him as long as he does not get pushed around.

Edge – Push

Power Forward – Chuck Hayes vs Glen Davis
This would be a fun matchup to watch. Two big beefy guys going at it down low. Hayes is the better rebounder and Big Baby is a slightly better scorer. For me this is about a close of matchup as I have seen in the challenge.

Edge – Push

Center – Demarcus Cousins vs Tyrus Thomas
Cousins will be one of the great centers in the league if he ever gets focused on the game and gets his head on straight. he has all the physical tools it is purely mental at this point. He has way too much size for Thomas so he would abuse him down low. Thomas has length but not the size to keep from getting backed down. His hope in this game would be to take Cousins away from the basket and either drive by him or hope to get him in foul trouble.

Edge – Cousins

Bench – Kentucky – John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Keith Bogans, Patrick Patterson, Josh Harrellson, Nazr Mohammed
LSU – Ronald Dupree, Anthony Randolph, Chris Johnson

Kentucky has the deeper more talented bench but for the most part they are all point guards and power forwards. They could shuttle in guards and the forwards and try to run LSU ragged since they are so deep. LSU has the two guards on their roster and the only thing they got going for them is that they are young so they wouldn’t get too worn down. If Dupree had to come in and spell them he could, but its not a great scenario. Randolph and Johnson are serviceable big men but they dont provide the big bodies that LSU needs to battle the bigs of Kentucky.

Edge – Kentucky

Kentucky would want to play an up tempo transition game as it plays to their strengths. LSU would like a slow down half court game and hope that Thornton is hot and could provide the scoring they would need. This game is a classic matchup in contrast of styles.

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