What a week of college basketball. It seemed as almost every top 25 team lost. There is only one undefeated team left! Who had Murray State in the office pools? (stop lying) Kentucky is back in their rightful place a top the polls. If you don’t believe me just ask any Kentucky fan they will be sure to tell you. The Big East is down two key players (Fab Melo and Ryan Boatright) and for how long nobody knows. This is what makes college basketball so great and why March is the best sports month of the year. Check out the rankings below.

1. Kentucky – Finally back up to #1 and they should stay here for a while. The schedule is pretty favorable until a Feb. 11 game at Vanderbilt.
2. Missouri – One of the best road wins of the season over Baylor. Mizzou has a pretty favorable schedule now until their Feb. 25 showdown at Kansas.
3. Ohio State – They earned this spot by winning by 34 on the road at Nebraska. Any team that wins by 34 on the road in the Big 10 this year is pretty good in my book.
4. Syracuse – I’m putting them here with an asterisk. If Fab Melo comes back after the next game as Syracuse is hoping they are fine. Without him they aren’t. He is the one guy they can’t afford to lose. I just cant see Boeheim letting the university do anything to blow his chance at a national title.
5. Kansas – Put a beat down on Baylor at home. They have a tricky game at Iowa State later this week.
6. North Carolina – Maybe this team turned the corner in the second half of the Virginia Tech game. If that was the wake up call it can propel them to the title. Only time will tell.
7. Baylor – The Kansas loss was expected. The Missouri one not as much just for the simple fact they were at home. Tomorrows game at Oklahoma will show where this teams head is at after losing two in a row.
8. Duke – Duke never loses game at home in the fashion they lost to FSU. Was there anyone out there that thought they would lose on a last second 3. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back this week at Maryland.
9. Georgetown – They somehow managed to win a game in which they shot 3-24 in the first half. You can either see that as showing a glaring flaw in this team or you can look at it positively and say they know how to win ugly and don’t play their best.
10. Michigan State – The loss at Michigan by one was a game they easily could’ve won. They bounced back with a trouncing of Purdue.
11. San Diego State – I may have them too high but the win at New Mexico showed me this team can win in a tough environment on the road. They will be tested this week with games at Wyoming and Colorado State. I can see them dropping one of those for sure.
12. Florida – They need to show they can beat a decent team on the road this year. They get another chance this week at Mississippi.
13. UNLV – They are in the easy part of their schedule where they should pile up wins.
14. Marquette – Nice wins this past week over Louisville and at Providence. For being in the Big east they have a pretty easy stretch of games coming up before a brutal final five to end the season.
15. Mississippi State – The loss at Mississippi is not terrible by any means but the win at Vanderbilt is a great win.
16. Michigan – Got a nice win over Michigan State. The fact they they only lost by two at Arkansas is pretty good considering it was a let down game in a place where nobody wins.
17. Murray State – Just keep winning
18. Wisconsin – Nice win at Illinois shows that they are back on track.
19. Indiana – Until they prove they can win on the road its hard to have a lot of faith in this team. They get another chance this week at Wisconsin.
20. Connecticut – They get an asterisk as well. Without Boatright Im not sure they are a top 25 team. With him they are top 10. Until his situation gets figured out ill meet in the middle and make them 20.
21. Vanderbilt – Lost a tough OT game at home to Mississippi State. The win by ten at Alabama shows that they are a top 20 team in my book. Seriously Vanderbilt vs Creighton on a neutral floor tomorrow who would you take?
22. Creighton – Got a nice road win over Missouri State. They have a decent chance to run the table.
23. St Mary’s – Beat up on a couple of cupcakes last week. This weekends game at BYU will show if this team is for real.
24. Florida State – Any team that beats UNC by 33 and can win like they did at Duke on back to back Saturdays deserves to be in the top 25. That said they could easily lose to Wake Forest this week and it wouldn’t surprise me.
25. West Virginia – Their complete body of work says to me this is a Top 25 team. Plus they beat Kansas State on a neutral floor already this season.