Check out who the national experts from MaxPreps, HSFBAmerica, 247Sports, FLAHSFootball, PrepNation, and PrepGridiron pick to win the Top 10 games of the week including state title games in Arizona, Ohio, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. We also have state semi-final games from Georgia and the Game Of The Week from Texas.

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Games Of The WeekScott KayZack - MaxPrepsJeff - HSFBAmericaJosh - Fla HS Flootball
Duncanville vs Southlake CarrollDuncanvilleDuncanvilleDuncanvilleDuncanville
North Gwinnett vs LowndesLowndesLowndesLowndesLowndes
Marietta vs ParkviewMariettaMariettaMariettaMarietta
Saguaro vs ChandlerSAguaroChandlerChandlerChandler
Dutch Fork vs DormanDormanDutch ForkDutch ForkDutch Fork
Archbishop Rummel vs Catholic B-RCatholic B-RRummelRummelCatholic B-R
Pickerington Central vs ElderPickerington CentralPickerington CentralPickerington CentralElder
La Salle vs Massillon MassillonMassillonMassillonMassillon
Male vs TrinityTrinityTrinityMaleTrinity
Stillwater vs BixbyBixbyBixbyBixbyBixby
Season Record92 - 6288 - 6693 - 61101 - 53
Last Week5 - 51 - 93 - 77 - 3
Games Of The WeekBrian - 247SportsDavid - Prep GridironJamie - Prep NationConsensus Picks
@BrianDohn247 @PrepGridiron@prepnation
Duncanville vs Southlake CarrollSouthlake CarrollDuncanvilleDuncanvilleDuncanville
North Gwinnett vs LowndesNorth GwinnettNorth GwinnettLowndesLowndes
Marietta vs ParkviewParkviewMariettaMariettaMarietta
Saguaro vs ChandlerChandlerChandlerChandlerChandler
Dutch Fork vs DormanDutch ForkDutch ForkDutch ForkDutch Fork
Archbishop Rummel vs Catholic B-RRummelCatholic B-RRummelRummel
Pickerington Central vs ElderPickering CentralPickering CentralPickerington CentralPickerington Central
La Salle vs Massillon La SalleLa SalleLa SalleMassillon
Male vs TrinityMaleMaleTrinityTrinity
Stillwater vs BixbyBixbyBixbyBixbyBixby
Season Record92 - 6299 - 55103 - 51103 - 51
Last Week5 - 55 - 56 - 46 - 4

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