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Prep Force NCAA Top 25 Rankings – January 2

1. Connecticut – Shaky win over USF followed by a better win over S. John’s
2. Syracuse – Impressive 26 point win over a decent Seton Hall team followed by a big win over a not so decent Depaul team.
3. Kentucky – Won the ugly showdown with Louisville thanks mostly to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who has shown he is the best player on the team.
4. North Carolina – Beat up Elon and Monmouth WooHooo!
5. Baylor – Another good close win for Baylor. This time over Mississippi State. I know they haven’t played any of the great teams but I am not sure there are any other teams in the country that would be undefeated after playing the schedule they have.
6. Duke – Beat up on Western Michigan and Pennsylvania another WooHoo!
7. Missouri – Beat Old Dominion. Will get first true road test on Saturday at Kansas State.
8. Ohio State – Sullinger still looks like his injury is hindering him.
9. Georgetown – Another good raod victory over a solid Louisville team. Tough week coming with games vs Marquette and at West Virginia.
10. Michigan State – Two very good wins this week against Indiana and on the road at Nebraska. It doesnt get any easier this week with a game on Tuesday against Wisconsin
11. Louisville – Two tough losses this week as they were brought back to earth. They were never a top 5 team whcih is why I never ranked tehm there.
12. Indiana – Tough team to rank as I rank teams based on who I think would win if they played on a neutral floor. If the NCAA tournament was played in Bloomington they would be #1 but its not so they are stuck here.
13. Kansas – Defeated Howard and North Dakota Woohoo. Big matchup this week at home against Kansas State.
14. Florida – Unexcusable loss to Rutgers. Im starting to think the SEC is not as good as everyone thought or the Big East is much better than everyone thought. I’m leaning toward the first one.
15. Mississippi State – Tough loss against Baylor but on a less that neutral floor in Dallas that is nothing to be ashmaed of.
16. Marquette – Ran into a buzzsaw Vanderbilt team that is finally putting it together. Have to stay ahead of Wisconsin based on the road victory earlier this season.
17. Wisconsin – It’s weird for me not to drop them more based on that head scratching loss to Iowa. I think they counce back vs Michigan State and seeing as they beat up on UNLV already I am not going to rank them lower.
18. San Diego State – Beat a team no one has ever heard of. Doesn’t even deserve a WooHoo.
19. UNLV – Scored 124 against Central Arkansas. Anytime you score 124 in a game it is impressive.
20. Harvard – More than validated their ranking with the wins over Boston College and St. Joes. As long as they dont slip up in Ivy League play they should be set up nicely for the tournament in March
21. Murray State – Just keep winning.
22. Virginia – Big game tonight at LSU. If they win that they are clear cut number 3 in the ACC.
23. Michigan – Maybe I have them too low but they lost to UVA so thats how it works. They get a chance to prove me wrong Thursday.
24. Kansas State – Beat Howard Woohoo. If they get through this week going 1-1 they should be ecstatic.
25. Gonzaga – The win at Xavier will get downplayed a bit because of the whole brawl fiasco, but Xavier was back at full strength and at home and Gonzaga led pretty much teh whole way.

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